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It’s been almost a month since Bryce Harper’s ESPN article “Sorry Not Sorry,” where he destroyed baseball’s unwritten rules, calling for a change in the game. “Baseball’s tired,” he says. “It’s a tired sport, because you can’t express yourself.” I loved it. Then … Continue reading

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Good Grief, Bryce Harper is Jacked…

Work out much this off season, Bryce? Look at those cannons. p.s. I see you, Thin Mints. -bp [pic via 106.7, The Fan]

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I’m Enjoying Keith Olbermann’s New Show

I’m enjoying KO. There’s a sense of nostalgia that comes along with it. Brings me back to the days when Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann were must-see TVing it up on SportsCenter. You remember. Those were the days. Anyway, enjoying … Continue reading

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Bryce Bieber? Say What?

Bryce Harper and Justin Bieber… long lost bros. That’s a seamless transition right there. Nice work by Gavin. Beautiful on beautiful. -bp

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Bryce Harper, Zombie

Bryce Harper just tweeted that picture of himself, with the caption, “Can’t wait to get back to eat face!” I… I… I got nuthin… -bp

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Fox Sports Kansas City: Best Graphic in the History of Graphics

Graphics department: “Bryce Harper? How ’bout Bryce Hunter and we put him on the Tigers instead? Matt Harvey? Let make him Matt Jones… O’s instead of Mets. Manny Machado is now on the  White Sox. Mike Trout? Let’s put him on the … Continue reading

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Johnny Football Is Loving San Diego: “This is Paradise”

As we all know by now, Johnny Manziel took batting practice and threw out the first pitch for the Padres vs. Nationals game last night. There’s Johnny with our buddies Mark Sweeney and Mike Pomeranz. Here’s a great video interview … Continue reading

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Get a Load of the ‘Stache on Bryce Harper’s Bro…

That’s Bryan Harper…Bryce’s younger older brother, and that’s good stuff. Amazing ‘stache/soul patch combo. It’s not the perfect shot though, I know that I hate it when I take a selfie shot, and you can see the camera reflection and … Continue reading

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Bryce Harper Wears Red Contacts: Internet Responds

A tweet from MLB… and the 4 most recent responses that just happened to be there when I saw the tweet. Just wonderful. I might’ve gotten a little bit carried away myself. I’m sorry. I’m ashamed of me too. -bp

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Ha. Just Saw the Nationals Rookies Hazing Photos

Yes! Love rookie hazing… weird and creepy as it is. Love that Bryce Harper isn’t dumb enough to think he’s above it. [insert dumb “McKayla Maroney is not impressed” joke here] -bp [lobbed by Wildman via]

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