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Reason No. 4,259 I Love Twitter… Featuring Charlie Sheen & Mike Tyson

Charlie Sheen tweets some ridiculous photoshop of “Afro-Sheen” and almost immediately, Mike Tyson responds… “I want in.” Hahaha. What does that mean, Iron Mike? No clue, but I love it. -bp

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I Love Evan Longoria’s Wild Thing Hairdid

I love Evan Longoria. Saw him on ESPN tonight for the Rays/Sox game. Loved him ever since he called out BJ Upton for dragging on the field last year. I also thought that Spidermanesque commercial/promo thing he did was awesome. … Continue reading

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Who’s Shocked by Charlie Sheen doing Steroids for ‘Major League’?

ESPN — Turns out Wild Thing’s fastball had a little extra juice. Actor Charlie Sheen tells Sports Illustrated in its latest issue that he took steroids “for like six or eight weeks” while filming the 1989 movie “Major League.” He … Continue reading

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Ashton Kutcher & Charlie Sheen Hug it Out over Twitter

That’s a screenshot of Charlie Sheen’s (@charliesheen) tweet to Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) for the whole world wide interweb to see. Well, wouldya look at that…Charlie Sheen is congratulating Ashton Kutcher and the network that he’s publicly blasted a hundred times. … Continue reading

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Charlie Sheen’s 1983 High School Baseball Picture

I guess this isn’t a big deal… but with all the Charlie Sheen hoopla in the news lately, I dunno how I missed this LA Times article interviewing his High School baseball coach. I didn’t even really read it… I … Continue reading

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Some Moron got a Charlie Sheen Tiger Blood Tattoo

Killer tattoo, bro. Not that we needed further proof that America is filled with morons…but, TMZ provided it anyway (thanks for the heads up, LT). Even Charlie Sheen knows this jerk is a lot of things, winning is not one … Continue reading

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“I’m the Charlie Sheen of baseball…”

Yogi Berra was baseball’s king of quotable quotes. We all know that. Who’s to replace him with one line goldmines? My buddy LT sends me an IM, “Guess the author of this gem: ‘I’m the Charlie Sheen of baseball… just … Continue reading

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The Final Chapter of Charlie Sheen?

Charlie Sheen live on TMZ wearing a SF Giants hat, with a cigarette hanging off his lip. He gave Brian Wilson a shoutout during the TMZ interview… “Fear the Beard!” Gee, the MLB’s craziest player is being associated with Hollywood’s … Continue reading

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One and a Half Men

I’ve said it here before, Two and Half Men is one of my favorite TV shows…and now it’s canceled. We’ve given multiple real time updates on the Charlie Sheen saga, found here and here, but he finally went too far … Continue reading

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Charlie Sheen, part II: Advice for Lindsay Lohan

Yes! Charlie Sheen is back being interviewed on the Dan Patrick Show. He was on the show Monday, which you can read about here, and he’s back today, Wednesday. Just like Godfather, Part II… this is a sequel that did … Continue reading

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