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Comparing Chest Tats: AJ McCarron vs. Darnell Dockett

The amazing twitter exchanges between AJ McCarron and Darnell Dockett led me to believe that AJ may not know who he’s dealing with. I figured the above side-by-side would help him out. Run for your life, AJ… that mural from … Continue reading

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“Sharing is Caring!” – Darnell Dockett is Having a Blast with Katherine Webb and AJ McCarron…

Hahaha! Sharing is Caring! Starring Darnell Dockett, Katherine Webb, and AJ McCarron.  What, you ask, would lead to such a tweet? I took some screengrabs from my phone between the Arizona Cardinals’ Darnell Dockett’s twitter and AJ McCarron’s twitter. AJ … Continue reading

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“No, Rudy” – So Stupid. So Funny.

Ugh. Saban is the worst… but that’s hilarious. Not the outcome I was hoping for in that game. Embarrassing performance last night by Notre Dame. Genuinely awful. Absolutely beat down. But man, talk about some amazing behind the scenes stuff … Continue reading

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I’m Now Scared to Death of Darnell Dockett

Wow. Darnell Dockett, defensive end for the Arizona Cardinals, just instagrammed that pic. Unreal. I’m scared to death. That filter just makes him look like more of a badass. If you’re wondering what those tats look like extended. Here it … Continue reading

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Dockett’s Croc

Unreal. And bro, I don’t think Nino appreciates you sitting on his mom. ***Me chilln in the alligator pit with NINO’s MOM! *** clown. -bp and Showman [via Shutdown Corner]

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