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Hacksaw’s Old Co-Host, JD Hayworth, Is Suing ‘The Mighty 1090’

Well, well, well… what have we got here? You remember JG Wentworth¬†JD Hayworth, don’t you? The infomercial scam artist that BCA radio hired to be Mahan’s morning radio partner on The Mighty 1090? LobShots readers know of my storied history … Continue reading

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Eric Weddle on His Friendship with Philip Rivers: “We Talk Like We’re Butt Buddies or Something”

This interview just went down on the Darren Smith Show on Mighty 1090. I got to hang out with both Eric Weddle and Philip Rivers yesterday at Chargers Park. (see how I just casually slid that in there? keep an … Continue reading

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Mike Dee is the Padres New President and CEO: Nowwwww Here’s a Little Story I Got To Tell…

If you don’t see the name Mike Dee and immediately think of Mike D and the Beastie Boys… well, I just feel bad for you. Anyway, back to baseball…. I was one of the few that was very disappointed when … Continue reading

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Amazing Unintentional Troll Job by Darren Smith

So, Darren Smith, the impressive afternoon radio host at The Mighty 1090 went on vacation for a few days. He doesn’t tweet on vacation. Craig Elsten filled in for Darren while he was gone. Turns out some people don’t pay … Continue reading

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Is The Mighty 1090AM Buying Twitter Followers?

Hi. Umm….I’m John. You might know me, you might not. It’s probably not important for you to know me. What is important is that BP knows me, and from time to time we chat about things. Yesterday, he mentioned that … Continue reading

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Hey Mighty1090, What’s With This Shady & Shaky Start?

Today, at 3pm, will be the debut of the new Scott and BR show on XX1090 The Mighty 1090. Yup, they’ve re-branded themselves as The Mighty 1090…again. I wrote all about the 1090 shake-up when they got rid of Josh … Continue reading

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