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Dumb and Dumber To Trailer is Here!

The time has come! (could’ve done without the turkey scene… so gross) -bp [thank you, TonightShow]

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The Shaggin’ Wagon is Back!

First official poster release today. First trailer to premiere tonight. Get fired up, kids. We’re really doin’ it though, aren’t we buddy? -bp

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It’s Halloween Season, Bring Your A-Game, Parents…

Posted this back in 2011… totally worthy of a re-post.   Mind. Blown. Feel Good Freshness! You think your kid’s costume was awesome? News flash… it was weak compared to these costumes. These lil guys are game changers. So, so … Continue reading

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Billy in 4C… He’s BACK!!!!

Looks like Dumb and Dumber To is coming along nicely… click to enlarge. “Harry… I took care of it” is one of the greatest lines in American cinema history. -bp [from Farrely Bros. here]

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“We’re Really Doing it Though, Aren’t We Buddy?”

It’s happening, lobsters. It’s really freaking happening. I don’t know which feeling is stronger… My hope that’s it’s going to be awesome, or my fear that it’s going to suck. Living in fear is no way to live life. Here’s … Continue reading

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We’re really doing it though, aren’t we buddy? -bp [lobbed by john]

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Dumb and Dumber To

It’s happening, kids. With the Dumb & Dumber banner sitting atop the site since it’s inception… obviously everybody knows I’m thrilled about this.  The Farrelly Bros are on board. Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are on board. I’m so excited at … Continue reading

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