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Time to Head to Target!

What! Dumb & Dumber onesies on sale at Target. Need these. Great find by @RJsFro pic.twitter.com/NYG8UlDg21 — Brady Phelps (@LobShots) October 3, 2014 Love it. I know these are probably designed to be winter time pajamas for adults loungin’ around the … Continue reading

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Lebron’s Return Gets the Dumb & Dumber Treatment

It’s perfect. No commentary necessary. -bp [made by 18 Lives, h/t @WorldOfIsaac]

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Dumb and Dumber as an Epic Drama

Dumb and Dumber as an Epic Drama from Josh Rocklage on Vimeo. Epic indeed! That was wonderful. The dude who made it said, “As a huge Dumb and Dumber fan, I wanted to try an experiment. Make one of the … Continue reading

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2013 Chargers Playoff Hopes…

In no particular order… -The Chargers have to win their final two games against the Raiders and the Chiefs. -The Ravens have to lose their final two games to the Patriots and the Bengals. -The Dolphins have to lose their … Continue reading

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It’s Halloween Season, Bring Your A-Game, Parents…

Posted this back in 2011… totally worthy of a re-post.   Mind. Blown. Feel Good Freshness! You think your kid’s costume was awesome? News flash… it was weak compared to these costumes. These lil guys are game changers. So, so … Continue reading

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Opening Day with the Padres and Fox Sports San Diego Was Amazing…

That’s an aerial shot from the Diamond View Tower Ultimate Skybox. I was invited by Fox Sports San Diego to their pre-party for Opening Day and it was amazing. I can’t even tell you how legit the view was from up … Continue reading

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Keep an Eye Out for This Idiot at Petco Park Today…

Then, if you see him… smack that stupid smirk off his face. So, I’m wearing my Lobshots/Padres/Cripes! t-shirt and my 1982 Ray Kroc b-day hat to the game today… the same gear I rocked for the Fox Sports San Diego … Continue reading

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I Decided to Make a T-Shirt For My Fox Sports San Diego Broadcast

Cripes! Well, the time has come… and after some encouragement from a few friends… I decided to make a t-shirt for the “Bloggers Take Over” event with Fox Sports San Diego. I’ll be wearing that t-shirt for the Padres vs. … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on Oprah’s Interview with Lance Armstrong

No, and I don’t carrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre. -bp

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The Chargers Beat the Raiders Because of My Outfit

We had an event before the Chargers vs. Raiders MNF game that was ‘formal prom’ attire. I was not pleased with that theme. So I took it over the top. Amazing that my wife puts up with me. I intentionally … Continue reading

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