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Please Don’t Eat this Dodger Dog…

“You know, on second thought, you might just want to run a comb through ’em….” -bp [pic via Andy Gray]

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Goodbye, Neil Armstrong…You Changed Everything

First man to set foot on the moon has died at 82 years old. RIP, sir. For you youngsters out there…. Neil’s the guy that inspired this classic scene in America cinema. -bp

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Did This Good Samaritan Pull a Lloyd Christmas?

Yahoo! – When Kenneth Allen picked up the paper bag sitting atop a trash can outside a Tennessee convenience store, he found two things: A bottle of cologne and nearly $13,000 in cash. “It never crossed my mind to take … Continue reading

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Nice Face, Bro

I literally didn’t even read this story. All I know is that this dude above from Chicago, Anthony Miranda, has a jacked up face because he tried to mug a dude that kicked his ass. A dude known only as … Continue reading

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The Best Childrens Costume in History

Mind. Blown. Feel Good Freshness! You think your kid’s costume was awesome? News flash… it was weak compared to these costumes. These lil guys are game changers. So, so amazing. Harry and Lloyd, the miniature versions, shaggin’ wagon and all. … Continue reading

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Tom Brady Cuts His Hair and Immediately Mocks the Chargers

So what. Kimmy Gibbler cut his hair. Good for him. Clearly he’s not superstitious, I know if I threw for a billion yards in the first 3 games of the season, I’d prolly keep my hair the same. Whatever though… … Continue reading

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AJ Smith, Vincent Jackson, Harry Dunne & Lloyd Christmas

In an interview, when asked about the possibility of signing Vincent Jackson long term, San Diego Chargers GM A.J. Smith responded to the San Diego Union Tribune’s Kevin Acee, “I do know that Vincent, Mr. Schwartz and Mr. Feinsod (his … Continue reading

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Professional Golfers Are Actually Funny

Awhile ago my buddy Toother turned me on to a couple of videos of Ben Crane that had been floating around the internet.  For those of you who don’t know, Ben Crane is a PGA Tour golfer who is known throughout … Continue reading

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Tom Brady is Kimmy Gibbler

Tom Brady is Kimmy Gibbler. I so wish I could take credit for that because it’s genius. I can’t. TMZ came up with it. Well played.  Who’s next in line for the Tom Brady doppelganger game? First it was Brokeback … Continue reading

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