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Proof That Facebook is a Dying Social Media Breed…

Engagement on 11 Million Fans Vs 50,000 Followers, same post, same time. – Facebook Organic Reach is 100% Dead. pic.twitter.com/PE1RUns1A5 — RHYS HILLMAN (@rhyshillman) June 25, 2014 Thanks, Luis Suarez. (Who, by the way, has been suspended for nine matches and … Continue reading

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Zuckerberg’s Hoodie for Nasdaq Bell-Ringing: Power Move

This freaking guy. Billionaire getting richer. You want me to ring the opening bell for Nasdaq? Sure. Come to Menlo Park, bitches. Oh, and I’m wearing a zip up hoodie and t-shirt. -bp [h/t twitter]

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Now You Can Sell Pot on Facebook! Taste it, Farmville.

Mashable – Yes, tending to virtual crops and cows is fun, but where’s the danger? Where’s the adrenaline? Where’s the risk? Well, now you can add some spice to your social gaming garden with a new Facebook game based on … Continue reading

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Kenny Britt: Cannot, Triple Stamp, No Erasies

PFT – Just when we thought we might actually go a few days without any Kenny Britt headlines, the volatile Tennessee Titans receiver has caused a stir in the social media world, with a post on Facebook saying he would … Continue reading

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Facebook Grammar Win!

What some might call a Facebook Fail… I call it a Facebook Win. I’m a well know grammar whore with my friends. Take that last sentence… I’d respond: known*. Did you catch that? Didn’t think so. Anyway, I love to … Continue reading

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