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Say It Ain’t So, Burner…

Aaaaaand Michael Turner got a DUI after beating the Broncos last night. Really bums me out… always liked Burner. Dumb move. (see what I did there?) Does this mean he won’t play against the Bolts next week? Aside, I’m proud … Continue reading

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These 2011 NFL Preview Sports Illustrated Covers are a Joke

This is the Sports Illustrated that I received in the mail this week, you know, here in San Diego. I thought nothing of it… Clay Matthews is insanely popular, and he plays for the reigning Super Bowl champs. No biggie. … Continue reading

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Deion Sanders: A Visual Reminder

So, Neon Deion…PrimeTime…however you want to remember him…he just made the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Whether you agree or disagree with the decision isn’t really the point, you KNOW Deion Sanders. That’s the point. He marketed himself as well … Continue reading

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