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The Greatest iPad Cover Ever Made

I’m not going to even open this up to discussion. This is the best cover for a iPad/Kindle, etc. out there. Here’s the inside. Love. The best! If you’re new to LobShots and don’t have an accurate understanding for my … Continue reading

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Feel Good Freshness: A New Era

Feel Good Freshness: It has a nice ring to it, huh? Sometimes I feel like sports bloggers, pop culture bloggers… sports culture bloggers, myself included, focus on the negative too much. People love to read about a scandal or somebody … Continue reading

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It’s Monday…Start Your Week Strong


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The NeverStarting Story

-bp [lobbed in its entirety by reader cree-dub]

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David Beckham is Still Hot

Very, very casual soccer fan here, and you won’t see many futbol posts here on LobShots. I played soccer as a little kid all the way through high school. I know a little about the English Premier League but less … Continue reading

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