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PHOTO: 15-Year-Old Kid Drilled by a Packers Linebacker

That’s Packers linebacker Brad Jones tackling a 15-year-old kid who ran onto the field at Lambeau. Just wanted to make sure everybody saw this… because that will go down as the greatest moment in that idiot kid’s life. Hope he … Continue reading

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Chargers Fans Love Face-Paint

This is a screen-shot of a Chargers fan from the Dolphins/Chargers game that most of San Diego missed unless they were watching online or at the Murph. Darren Rovell tweeted it, and TheBigLead blogged it. Not bad. However, I’d like … Continue reading

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Fan Pisses Himself 15 Seconds Into Chargers vs. Vikings Game

Dammit!! How did I miss this?! 15 seconds into the game, and this dude is just swimming in a pool of his own urine. Imagine what this clown musta been like in the 4th quarter. Tailgating at the Q is … Continue reading

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You Too Can be a Creepy Baby Face Mets Fan

The photo of this creepy crying baby faced Mets fan at a Mets vs. Marlins game was blowing up the interweb yesterday. Some people thought it was someone’s real face… which is unfortunate that there are people that dumb in … Continue reading

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