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Time Warner Cable CEO is Slummin’ It… Only Made $17.4 Million in 2012

THR – Time Warner Cable paid chairman and CEO Glenn Britt $17.4 million in 2012, up from $16.4 million the year prior, the company said in a filing on Thursday. The company also said it has amended Britt’s employment agreement, extending it … Continue reading

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Has “Fox Sports San Diego” Lost Their Minds? Yes.

San Diego – FOX Sports San Diego today announced a special Padres spring training telecast to take place Wednesday, March 13 at 1:00 PST in which five local San Diego Padres bloggers will take over select segments of the Padres … Continue reading

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Fox Sports San Diego Pre-Game Setup at Petco

There it is, the Fox Sports San Diego stage for pre-game shenanigans. Mark Sweeney will be there. I’m going to opening day… but after that… not sure when I’ll see this stage again. I repeat, Fox Sports, do what you … Continue reading

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Recess is Over, Fox Sports San Diego… Do Work

Time for the new Fox Sports San Diego (FSSD) to put their big boy negotiating pants on. I’m really happy for those of you with DirecTV or Cox. You will be getting the Padres home opener. But I’m not one … Continue reading

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