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For all the Marbles: Mat “I Hate SF” Latos vs. Matt Cain

People still don’t believe that I own that baseball. I hate the Giants, so I loved the ball. I’ve written all about it before… Giants fans (some of my best friends are Giants fans) hate the ball, hate Mat, and … Continue reading

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“ELI MANNING SUCKS” – Love, Tiki Barber

“Eli Manning Sucks – San Diego Chargers Football“. Yep. That’s a t-shirt, framed,  with Eli Manning wearing a Chargers hat upon being drafted (and promptly traded). And yes, that very t-shirt is signed by Tiki Barber, his former running back… … Continue reading

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Saw This Joker While Pre-Gaming for the Padres vs. Giants

‘Twould appear this gentleman wants to have sex with the Dodgers. That’s nice. I watched this dude stand on a street corner in front of Bub’s trying to sell these tees for $20 each. I saw about a dozen people … Continue reading

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Buster Posey Looks Different…

Can’t quite pin-point what it is…hair cut, maybe? -bp [via]

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Did Matt Cain Just Throw a Perfect Game vs. the Padres?

Might as well have, right? Oh Padres, you still don’t have a no-hitter? That’s cute. I’ll see your lack of no-hitters, and raise you a perfect game. I hate the Giants… but you gotta respect the perfect game. Good for … Continue reading

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Justin Tuck’s New Facemask Will Eat Your Face Off

Right? Am I right? Face eating jokes are all the rage right now with the kids. Bath salts are funny! No? Too soon? Got it. Well, here’s another photo of Justin Tuck’s facemask… Tough to see, huh? Since it already … Continue reading

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Am I Allowed To Take All the Credit for Latos’ Win Over the Giants or Just Some of It?

So, which is it? All or some? I guess I’ll settle for just some. I mean, I wasn’t actually pitching for him. I just posted a picture of my authographed “I Hate SF” ball as motivation, and boom… Latos throws … Continue reading

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For the Record, Mat Latos Still Hates SF

I wouldn’t want you guys to forget that I own this baseball. I know that Avenging Jack Murphy and RJ’s Fro remember, as we had an epic du-el over it. Even though I won, their pocketbooks are probably having the … Continue reading

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Goodbye 2012 Season. Signed, Brian Wilson

No MLB pitcher ever wants to see his name next to Tommy John’s. I friggin’ hate the Giants, but I never want to see anybody hurt. Sad for B Dub. I’m even sad for Giants fans. Think what you want … Continue reading

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It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane… Wait, it is a Plane, With Brian Wilson’s Dumb Beard On It

Of course Brian Wilson has his beard on a Virgin Atlantic plane. Fear the friendly skies. The SF Gate states, “the Airbus A320 is emblazoned with the Giants logo and features closer Brian Wilson’s iconic facial hair on the front … Continue reading

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