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Here’s to a beer commercial that doesn’t mention ‘man cards’ or have any magical trains. -bp [ht Dan]

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Golf & Guinness, It Just Feels Right

42 years old. 20th attempt at the British Open. Love that Darren Clarke pulled off this victory. Love even more that he ditched the customary water bottle sponsor on the podium and crushed a Guinness instead. When asked what would … Continue reading

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2011 St. Patrick’s Day Survival Guide

Top a tha marnin’ to ya, lads and lassies! Happy St. Brackets Day! Basketball and Drinking…should be an amazing day. If you want to stay out of fights and make it into work tomorrow, here are a couple of things … Continue reading

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The Tale of Two Point Guards

ESPN is reporting that Los Angeles Clippers guard Baron Davis and a draft pick have been traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Mo Williams and some other dude. One day, you’re popping your head out of the sun roof of … Continue reading

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