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Pete Rose and the Padres Mystery is Solved

See, this is why I love you Lobsters, why I love running a sports culture blog… I blog on things I really don’t know crap about… and BAM! Lobsters to the rescue. In reality, since UniWatch linked up our Pete … Continue reading

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Pete Rose and the San Diego Padres

Looking at this picture is a trip. Every baseball fan knows that Pete Rose never played for the Padres, so why the hell is Charlie Hustle wearing a Padres cap? Just one day after I posted about the history of … Continue reading

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Fashion 101: The Padres “Taco Bell” Hats

Padres Taco Hats? Padres Taco Bell Hats? Whatever you call them…these might be the greatest hats in the history of baseball. Meh, probably not because there have been some amazing hats in MLB history. However, these are probably my favorite, … Continue reading

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These Boise State Broncos Hats are a Joke, Right?

Really? Your stupid blue turf is somehow now it’s own mascot? Who the hell do you think you are Boise State…Minor League Baseball? I have nothing more to say about this┬áridiculousness. Here’s the story on it if you need to … Continue reading

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