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Padres Fan Blasted in the Face by a Will Venable Home Run

(if the video above doesn’t work, here’s the link to MLB.com) Will Venable just crushing a Matt Cain pitch for a leadoff home run. That’s a great way to start the game for the Padres, and an awful way to start … Continue reading

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Man Crush of the Week: Jim Thome

Just felt it necessary to acknowledge Thome and his accomplishment. Hitting 600 home runs is not an easy task. I love that he hit 599 and 600 in back-to-back at bats, which has never been done before. He’s now part … Continue reading

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When Will Bryce Harper Get Drilled in the Ear Hole?

Bryce Harper, you are my Kook of the Week. My stupid computer isn’t currently allowing me to upload this video, so here it is from the boys at Yahoo. No big deal, Bryce Harper just crushing a home run ball … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Babe Ruth

It’s February 6th, 2011 and the Super Bowl just ended, so can we finally focus on the true miracle that went down on this day? Babe Ruth was born 116 years ago, and his legend grows even today. Babe Ruth … Continue reading

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