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Jim Irsay, You’re a Weirdo

Jim Irsay – Forbes.com The Twitverse blew up yesterday based off BREAKING NEWS from one of the nation’s best sports reporters… Rob Lowe.  Yes, the Rob Lowe of Tommy Boy fame, one of my Top 20 movies of all-time.  I’m still weirded … Continue reading

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Eagles fans LOVE Darren Sproles

Tiny Darren is one of my favorites. He’s a friggin lightning bug out the field. It’s so fun watching him run in open space. I’ve met him too… super nice guy. Humble, generous, courteous, a real gentleman. He’s certainly the … Continue reading

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Bob Sanders Eaten by a Shark in San Diego

The San Diego Chargers have signed Bob Sanders to a one year deal. You read that right, Bob Sanders is a Charger, and no, he didn’t get eaten by a shark. The Chargers official press release from last night can … Continue reading

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