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Have You Ever Seen The ESPN “Prop Cage”?

Pretty freaking cool. Uni Watch did a piece on this and I’ll show you the photos and some insider commentary about the infamous ESPN Prop Cage. Ha. Notice how readily available the Tebow and Palamalu jerseys are. Playoffs, baby. Wandering … Continue reading

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Philadelphia Wings LAX Team Thinks They’re Darren Rovell: Twitter Handles on Their Jerseys

Not gonna lie… had no clue there was such a thing as professional lacrosse. Apparently there is… this is the Philly team. The @PhillyWings of the @NLLNetwork announced today that the team will be revolutionizing jerseys by using Wings players’ … Continue reading

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Chargers Fan Punches a Vikings Fan in the Face…

Wow, there are so many things wrong with this video, I’m gonna need a sec to break them down. Before I do, I want to get this out of the way…I do not condone fighting. These guys are all jackasses, you … Continue reading

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Padres Uniform Redesign…Revisited

While we’re on the topic of Padres uniforms redesigns… I showed you a really crappy one yesterday, so here’s one I can get behind. This is an mockup job from our buddies over at Bring Back the Brown and Product … Continue reading

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Ha! Those Awful Maryland Terp Helmets Were a Rip-Off!

So, earlier in the week… we of course had some choice words for the 2011 Maryland football uniforms. Welp… just when you thought you could put all that talk to bed. BOOM… a rip-off job. Here’s the post from College … Continue reading

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Padres Uniform Redesign?

I saw somebody post these on UniWatch. Although I love the idea of guys coming up with new ideas for the Padres, because their current uniforms suck, I’m not a big fan of these. Still a big advocate of bringing … Continue reading

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Maryland Uniforms: Best to Ever Grace a College Football Field?

Look at these suckers? Just amazing. It’s not like they are making a complete mockery of college football as we know it, right? Right? You look at these pics and you might think those are two different teams that are … Continue reading

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Mat Latos in a Trevor Hoffman Jersey

I love Trevor Hoffman. I love Mat Latos. This is Latos on Trevor Hoffman Day wearing a Hoffman 601 jersey. Hoffman’s number 51 replaced with his final number of saves, 601. It was an amazing day at Petco Park, and … Continue reading

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Brand New Throwback Hats: Fun with Cam Maybin and Mat Latos

There’s Cam Maybin in the dugout trying on a brand new hat… sticker still on the bill. Gangster. That’s Mat Latos on the left of the picture, arms tatted… also gangster. That’s Latos after taking the hat off Maybin’s head … Continue reading

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I Miss the Padres Throwbacks Uniforms

Sweet helmets, guys. Sports Illustrated, specifically the SI Vault, has this little collection of “MLB Throwback Uniforms” slide show. The San Diego Padres Throwbacks, of course, made the slide show, but that’s the picture they used? Brian Giles and Kevin … Continue reading

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