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Lobshots’ In-Depth Analysis of MLB Batting Leaders

Chase freaking Headley… making a name for himself. Extend that man. Hey NL West, beware the 2013 Padres… you’ve officially been put on notice. -bp

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Josh Hamilton Would Never Eat Twizzlers – Red Vines Only

  I love Josh Hamilton. I’ve said it here a million times. Amazing interaction with the fans here in Seattle. What a stud… but to hear these announcers, and countless other blogs, say he’s eating Twizzlers… is criminal. Highly offensive. … Continue reading

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What You Missed in This Josh Hamilton Photo Bomb…

I’ve seen this photo floating around the web for a couple days now. I just love it. Three girls just trying to get a picture in front of the Rangers dugout… only to have Josh Hamilton pop up. So good. … Continue reading

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Your 2012 Padres All Star Selection!!

Your 2012 San Diego Padres! These guys… man oh man… who do you vote for? Well, you don’t. Not if you want to be taken seriously. Chase Headley or Carlos Quentin will make the team… just because somebody has to… … Continue reading

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Relapse or Not: Josh Hamilton is Still a Better Person Than You

Everybody just needs to calm down about Josh Hamilton. Reports are saying that he had a relapse and was drinking at a Dallas bar. If this is true… I, for one, am not quick to judge. This guy’s been through … Continue reading

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The ALCS, the Rangers, the Tigers, the Padres, and Garvey’s Forearms…

So, the Rangers are up 3-2 in the ALCS on the Tigers because Verlander is pitching out of his mind right now. Well, if Padres fans needed a reminder, which you shouldn’t, of why I’m cheering for the Rangers to … Continue reading

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