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Bieber Hanging With the Patriots is Terrible News for the Chargers…

That headline isn’t a typo. “It should say *good* news, man! Bieber is a curse!” Yeah, that’s what everybody wants you to think. We all know Bieber’s a curse… so┬áthat means everybody now thinks the Patriots are cursed. This is … Continue reading

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The End. -bp

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Bryce Bieber? Say What?

Bryce Harper and Justin Bieber… long lost bros. That’s a seamless transition right there. Nice work by Gavin. Beautiful on beautiful. -bp

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It’s Really Happening, America…

It’s happening. I guess Biebs really was leaving Miley’s house in his leopard print Audi? America, we’ve all been put on notice. Oh, and now the Blackhawks are a lock to win the Stanley Cup… -bp [h/t Busted Coverage b/c … Continue reading

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Biebs for Days…

I mean, what’s there to say? He’s wearing shades, a trash bag, some gold chains, and a $450 Heat hat that’s made out of python skin. The hats sold out shortly after Biebs showed up court-side. I’m not making that … Continue reading

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Google Autofill Likes Bieber Over Timberlake?

Just switch it up Google, is that too much to ask? -bp [don’t worry, i just punched myself for using all those google colors in my bitmap]

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Biebs… the Hell are You Doing?

I distinctly remember going and buying a cigar at a liquor store the day I turned 18 years old. Just because I finally could. Biebs? He’s 18 now too, and look what he does just because he can. Hands-on meet … Continue reading

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Biebs – Taking Over the World

Unreal, this kid. Just chillin’ alongside Mayweather… the centerpiece of an entourage that included 50 Cent and Triple H. Love him trying to look all tough. Thuggish ruggish Biebbish. If you want to know what the actual fight was like… … Continue reading

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Tom Brady Cuts His Hair and Immediately Mocks the Chargers

So what. Kimmy Gibbler cut his hair. Good for him. Clearly he’s not superstitious, I know if I threw for a billion yards in the first 3 games of the season, I’d prolly keep my hair the same. Whatever though… … Continue reading

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Selena Loves Her Some Biebs

You kidding me with this, Selena? Yeah, this. Damn you, Biebs. Just out there crushing the world….one teenage girl at a time. -bp

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