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Johnny Football Throwing Passes to Keenan Allen

Johnny Manziel playing a ball with Keenan Allen? File this under “things I did not think I’d see in 2014.” Do work, boys. -bp

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Keenan The Barbarian

Ha. New nickname for Keenan Allen? We’ll see if it sticks. I like it. -bp [As for the origin of this, so far as I can tell, the inspiration came from this series of tweets between a guy named Patrick … Continue reading

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Did Keenan Allen and DJ Fluker Do the Mile High Salute in Denver?

Sure looks like the mile high salute to me. Good work, boys. Doubt it went over well with the home crowd though… -bp [ht BoltBeat]

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Just Hand Keenan Allen the Offensive Rookie of the Year Award Now

You just got hurdled, dude. Amazing. I think my favorite part though is the dude waiting for him when he comes down looks like a fool. He tried to catch Keenan like a punt returner catches the football. End result? … Continue reading

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What a win in Denver. Keenan Allen with two TDs. Rivers was on point and efficient. A TD and another 100+ yard game from Mathews. I was so pumped up seeing that pick from Thomas Keiser that sealed the deal. … Continue reading

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Chargers Lose Third Straight… Awesome.

Ugh. Another very winnable game flushed down the toilet. I know you don’t come to LobShots for me to break down game film and give a critique of every play. Rather, you come to laugh and after a Chargers game, … Continue reading

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san diego…. SUPER CHARGERS!

Click to enlarge. From the artist: “It’s a Dodge eat Dodge world out there, but them San Diego boys have done it again!” Love this! Helluva game last night by the Bolts. Great team win. Thanks to Nick Novak, Keenan … Continue reading

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Thanks for all the Love Yesterday…

Big day for the 8-letter yesterday. We got linked up by all the big boys for the Keenan hat controversy: Sports Illustrated’s Hot Clicks, Yahoo! Sports, CBS Sports, Pro Football Talk, LA Times, The Big Lead, Bolts From the Blue… even Mashable. … Continue reading

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Keenan Allen Wore a Raiders Hat and Now Smart Chargers Fans Hate Him

That’s the photo that set twitter afire this past weekend. That’s Chargers 3rd round draft pick Keenan Allen, stud wide receiver out of Cal. That’s a Raiders hat. You’re probably thinking… “no way a Chargers rookie would wear a Raiders hat, post … Continue reading

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