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Hacksaw’s Old Co-Host, JD Hayworth, Is Suing ‘The Mighty 1090’

Well, well, well… what have we got here? You remember JG Wentworth¬†JD Hayworth, don’t you? The infomercial scam artist that BCA radio hired to be Mahan’s morning radio partner on The Mighty 1090? LobShots readers know of my storied history … Continue reading

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My Day at Chargers Park… Overwhelmingly Amazing

I’m overwhelmed. A behind-the-scenes day at Chargers Park… watching practice from the field followed by a catered dinner with Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates… there are no words to describe it. Yet, here I am, attempting to do exactly that. … Continue reading

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Acee, Annie & BP – A Match Made in Masters Pancake Heaven

This is a few days old now, but big thanks to Kevin Acee and Annie Heilbrunn for having me in studio to talk some sports, make some pancakes, and look like a complete idiot wearing a Masters caddie jumper. Even … Continue reading

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Kevin Acee & Hacksaw Hamilton: “The Ambiguous 1090 Duo”

Kevin Acee, who I love… went on The Mighty 1090 for an hour this morning with Hacksaw, who I do not love. Hacksaw started calling him “Ace”… and I decided to have a little fun with the two of them, … Continue reading

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The San Diego Chargers Just Got Relevant Again…

The Silver Fox does it again! Kevin Acee blew up the sports media world on a national level yesterday afternoon… and I loved it. He reported in the U-T that both Norval and AJ Smith will be fired at the … Continue reading

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It’s Kevin Acee’s Birthday Today

I like Acee’s work for the U-T. He’s covered the Chargers well for years, and now he’s doing Chargers and more. He’s covered the Bolts so well that I would literally take him as head coach over Norval right now. … Continue reading

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