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This Pancake Tastes Different….

If you don’t know what it is… I’m not gonna be the one to show you. Break the internet? Pancake the internet. #FridaOrKimK? pic.twitter.com/ljyldoMauj — Brady Phelps (@LobShots) November 13, 2014 I’m so terribly disappointed in myself proud of myself. … Continue reading

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North by North Worst

So Kim & Kanye named their baby “North West”, huh? Awesome. Enjoy living on this corner for the rest of your life, kid. -bp

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Mrs. Doubtfire > Kim Kardashian

Robin Williams bringing the tweet heat! It’s not easy to make an old couch cover look good. America’s favorite nanny did it with grace and style. American’s favorite nobody did not. Curious to if Kim is still all bent out … Continue reading

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Wow. The Devil Also Wears These Sunglasses

“ZOMG! She’s, like, on the cutting edge of EVERYTHING.” I hate you, Kim. Saw this photo within minutes of this post stating how much I despise love women’s fashion. Way to somehow one-up what was already awful, Kim. -bp

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No, I Did Not Hire the Kim Kardashian Flour Bomber

Man… you write one “I Hate Kim Kardashian” blog (or dozens) that gets national media coverage where you are accused of threatening to kill Kim… and next thing you know, you’re getting blamed for Kimmy K getting flour-bombed on the … Continue reading

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Jeremy Lin Has a Date With Kim Kardashian?

Buzz Feed – According to the most reliable website on the Internet (the infallible MediaTakeOut), Kim Kardashian’s publicist arranged a date for her with Knicks point guard and overnight sensation Jeremy Lin. This is all according to a friend of … Continue reading

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LobShots is Famous…For Threatening to KILL Kim Kardashian

Well, wouldya look at that? I, BP, am being accused of threatening to KILL KIM KARDASHIAN. Have bad eyes? Let me give that to you in a close up… That, fellow lobsters, is a photo of Life & Style Weekly … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Kim Kardashian Duped America With Publicity Stunt Marriage

Game. Set. Match. Winner: Kim Kardashian’s wallet. SHOCKING NEWS! TMZ is reporting that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are getting a divorce. The only thing shocking about this crap is that this sham of a marriage lasted this long. Nobody … Continue reading

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A Man After My Own Heart…

I’m ashamed to say this… but there are two posts in LobShots history that get more regular traffic than any other posts. I Hate Kim Kardashian and Does Kim Kardashian Hate Lamar Odom? It’s sickening, I know, but it’s just … Continue reading

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Kim Kardashian’s Slutty Music Video Leaked on the Web

I feel like a broken record when I say this, and really, I don’t hate much of anything…but I Hate Kim Kardashian. Turns out her music video to the song Jam (Turn it Up) has leaked. Well, a portion of … Continue reading

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