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Lebron’s Return Gets the Dumb & Dumber Treatment

It’s perfect. No commentary necessary. -bp [made by 18 Lives, h/t @WorldOfIsaac]

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Is Tiago Splitter Okay? Emotionally?

Tiago Splitter. Poor kid never had a chance. Ferocious work by Lebron here. Man’s man. I could watch these GIFs all day long… -bp [pics/gifs via gettty and the tv and all over the internet]

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“That’s It, He’s Dead” – Jim Ross Calls Lebron’s Dunk on Jason Terry

The Heat are unreal. Lebron is on another planet. Apparently he didn’t like DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin gobbling up all the “I can dunk hard” attention. Jason Terry was the victim here, folks. Good work trying to get in … Continue reading

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“Hey Lebron! How does my Dirk taste?”

Nice t-shirt here by Dallas Mavericks guard DeShawn Stevenson. I don’t get it though. Is this funny because they misspelled “dick”? I guess this is one way to get your name out there when you’re like the 17th best player … Continue reading

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Busy Friday? FORESKIN MAN to the Rescue!

Busy, busy day today kids. Apologies for not having time to post any new and exciting blogs. I had a free minute so I google’d “superheroes” to find out why my “Superheroes on Steroids” post was getting so much traffic … Continue reading

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Skip Bayless vs. Magic Johnson

Hi, I’m Skip Bayless. I’m dumb. I’m awful at my job. I’m more annoying than a zit on the inside of your nose. Little known fact: I’m actually a ventriloquist, I speak out of my ass, but make it look … Continue reading

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