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I Did a Podcast

I know what you’re thinking with that headline… “Brady hasn’t blogged in about six months, and he can still come up with fire headlines like that? Still got it!” I know, I know. Crazy, right? So, The Kept Faith guys… … Continue reading

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I Joined ‘The Kept Faith’ Podcast To Interview Molly Knight

If you’re a baseball fan, you know that Molly Knight just released her new book, “The Best Team Money Can Buy.” Dallas and the boys from The Kept Faith allowed me to join them on their podcast to interview Molly … Continue reading

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It’s a Miracle! The Bloggers are Taking Over Again

Last year, I was pumped to be asked back to Bloggers Take Over with Fox Sports San Diego. This year? Thrilled be taking part again, and this time, we’re at Petco Park.  The first year with Megan Olivo was a blast. The … Continue reading

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The Bloggers Took Over

Well, we did it. Had a blast. Everybody that I know who watched the broadcast loved it. Those that weren’t able to watch live keep asking me, “How’d it go?” My answer is “I had an absolute blast. We talked … Continue reading

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Thanks, Uni Watch

Pretty cool, basically the entire “NFL news” section on the Uni Watch ticker is dedicated to LobShots today. Awesome. -bp

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A Holiday Miracle: Chargers Issued Me a Press Credential

Yeah, you read that right… your boy BP is going to be in the press box for the Chargers vs. Chiefs game on Sunday. Honestly, I expected the apocalypse to come first. Thank you to Chargers PR, specifically Bill Johnston, … Continue reading

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I’m Sick of Actual Artists Big-Leaguin’ my MS Paint Game

Go back to photoshop where you belong, man. Leave MS Paint to the bloggers. This is what Santa Claus looks like in MS Paint. Bawse. -bp [from @marisakabas at HyperVocal]

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The Best Damn Pumpkin in the History of Pumpkins

[repost from last year because it’s equally awesome this year] Nobody has better readers than you lobsters. This amazing LOBSHOTS pumpkin came in from Dilly and I’m forever grateful for her efforts. That’s the pumpkin of the gods, right there. … Continue reading

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A Simple Response From Friarhood

Well hello there, bp here… owner of LobShots.com, amateur sports blog, and professional sh*t stirring site. Good grief. As I’m sure you’ve seen by now, this post from John Gennaro ran here on LobShots about San Diego blogs and traffic. … Continue reading

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