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Logan Morrison’s New Twitter Avatar…

LoMo… I mean… I can’t… I… -bp

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Excuse Me, Yahoo! Sports… Jeter Did WHAT To LoMo?

“Major leaguer blown off by Derek Jeter.” That’s good stuff right there. Jeter’s even got the victory fist-pump going. Yahoo! is, of course, referencing the scene on Showtime’s series, The Franchise: A Season With The Miami Marlins, where Logan Morrison, … Continue reading

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FAN RANT: The Marlins are Everything the Padres Should Be…

The Marlins are now reportedly bumping their Albert Pujols offer to 10 years. No details yet, but HOLY CRAP. I swear… I gave it a few minutes of thought after hearing the Marlins signed Jose Reyes, and I started to … Continue reading

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LoMo, Git Yur Hair Did

Yes! Honestly, we were one of the first passengers on the LoMo train. He was our first ever Man Crush of the Week, in fact, we didn’t even call it that yet, just Athlete of the Week. Dude’s a stallion. … Continue reading

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Dueling Helmets

Hey LoMo, how come your helmet looks like it just flew off the shelf, and Hanley’s looks like somebody took a dump on it? You hate pine tar? -bp

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“I’m the Charlie Sheen of baseball…”

Yogi Berra was baseball’s king of quotable quotes. We all know that. Who’s to replace him with one line goldmines? My buddy LT sends me an IM, “Guess the author of this gem: ‘I’m the Charlie Sheen of baseball… just … Continue reading

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Athlete of the Week: Logan Morrison

What an honor for LoMo to be our first Athlete of the Week. Kid is only 23 years old and we just recently started following him on Twitter. (@LoMoMarlins) Dude is funny. Very funny. Who is he? He’s a summer … Continue reading

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