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Mark Cuban Verbally Bitch-Slapping Skip Bayless

I, like most of you, loathe Skip Bayless. I hesitate to even post this because I hate giving that clown any more press that he already receives. Watching Mark Cuban rip him a new a.hole though? I’m posting that all … Continue reading

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In the End, The Devil Will Lose Every Time… McCourt is OUT!

ESPN – Owner Frank McCourt reached an agreement with Major League Baseball on Tuesday night to sell the Los Angeles Dodgers, along with Dodger Stadium and the surrounding real estate, a decision that brings to end not only a six-month … Continue reading

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Think Mark Cuban Had Sex with the NBA Finals Trophy?

Make fun of Mark Cuban all you want…hell, I just did in the headline. But, you’re an idiot if you don’t want a cigar smoking, t-shirt wearing, schmoozing, savvy, playboy billionaire to own your local sports franchise. Mark Cuban, you … Continue reading

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Lakers Bow Out Gracefully

Mavericks sweep the Lakers. There’s a headline that everybody predicted. I’m so mad at the Lakers right now, I can’t even express my frustration in words. I wish there were buttons on my keyboard that just screamed and yelled and … Continue reading

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