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Mudcat is the Best

How do you not love Mud? You do. You have to. Also have to think that Enberg is just playing along here… no chance he can just carry on while Mud morphs into Tina Turner next to him. No chance. … Continue reading

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“Why Don’t You Go Back to the Galapagos Islands Where You Belong, Cha-Cha”

The Padres crushed the Phillies and Social Media Tuesday over at FSSD produced a gem last night. Mudcat with some amazing one-liners while getting a face full of silly-string. “I see you’re on the low carb diet there.” After a full … Continue reading

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Thank God that Mudcat and Pomeranz were on this call for FSSD, and not Enberg. Amazing catch by Quentin matched by an equally amazing call from the boys. So good. -bp [via mlb.com]

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Padres Fan Jumps Into The Bushes at Petco…

Serious question. What the hell was this guy thinking? Anybody? You clearly not getting that home run ball, so why not just take this opportunity to Superman it into the bushes? Not the soft kind of bushes, either. Makes no … Continue reading

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The Perfect Photo of the Fox Sports San Diego Announcing Crew…

Click to enlarge that bad boy. It’s just perfect. Pomeranz, Sween Dog, and Mud all have massive shit-eating grins on their faces. So happy. Just loving what they get to do every day. Then there’s Enberg. Literally has no clue there’s … Continue reading

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