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Fan Tattoo: I Guess Some People Don’t Hate Lebron

Nice ink, bro. Your calf is gigantic. Dumb as this is… you put a gun to my head and say, “choose your calf tattoo,” I’m picking this Lebron James calf tattoo over this calf tat all day. Lebron’s got a … Continue reading

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NBA on Lockout: Dwyane Wade Thinks He’s Funny

NEW YORK — The National Basketball Association announced that it will commence a lockout of its players, effective at 12:01 am ET on July 1, until a new collective bargaining agreement is reached with the National Basketball Players Association. “The expiring … Continue reading

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Some Moron Got a Dirk Nowitzki Ass Tattoo

Why I Got This Tattoo of Dirk Nowitzki On My Ass (As If It’s Not Obvious) Dallas Observer – Derek Dilday is a really big Mavs fan. He recently got the above tattoo. Here he is talking about why: “The … Continue reading

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Raise Another Banner!

This is a couple days old, but I’d like to officially say “Sorry Nordstrom, when it comes to department store shopping, my allegiances now lie with Macy’s.” Best. Error. Ever. Obviously, they’ve since issued a correction and apology. But who … Continue reading

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“Hey Lebron! How does my Dirk taste?”

Nice t-shirt here by Dallas Mavericks guard DeShawn Stevenson. I don’t get it though. Is this funny because they misspelled “dick”? I guess this is one way to get your name out there when you’re like the 17th best player … Continue reading

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Were You at Game 5 of Heat vs. Mavs? Prove it. Killer Zoom Photo.

Just a normal bird’s eye panorama picture of Game 5 of the Dallas Mavericks vs. Miami Heat series, right? Wrong. Head over to this link to check out this picture. It is a GigaPan shot of the game that allows you to move … Continue reading

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LeBron James Power Dunk on Mavericks in Game 2

The game is still going as I post this. Lebron is a friggin’ beast. I think the old olé defensive strategy is working well for Dallas. -bp [via @blazersedge]

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Somebody Punch that Talking Basketball in the NBA Logo

I can’t be the only one that thinks these NBA talking basketball commercials are awful, right? I hate them. I love the idea of recapturing classic moments from past NBA Finals, but this stupid talking ball? So, so dumb. Here’s … Continue reading

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Not all Philadelphia Fans are Awful

As a Southern California guy, when I think of bad fans… I think of San Diego fans. Not bad people…we are awesome. Bad in the sense that we are fair weather, and you’ll often find Chargers games blacked out and Padres … Continue reading

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Dwyane Wade is Better than Lebron James

Nothing went right for the Lakers last night. Kobe wasn’t getting the calls he wanted…Bynum couldn’t buy a rebound in the first half, Mike Miller and Mike Bibby decided to actually start hitting 3’s, and a day after complaining about … Continue reading

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