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The Lebron Redemption

A lot of people get annoyed by Caliendo. Whatever your thoughts, you can’t deny he’s incredible at his craft. This right here… this Lebron letter (as told to Lee Jenkins) narrated by Morgan Freeman… it’s perfect. Brilliant, even. I’d recommend … Continue reading

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Nothing is Real Anymore…

Nice looking photograph of Morgan Freeman, right? What? What’s that you say? That’s not a photograph? I don’t believe you, you liar. Welp… away we go down a rabbit hole of disbelief and shattered trust in anything. That’s not a … Continue reading

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Great Moments in Television, Starring ABC News….

Yes, ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos thought Bill Russell was Morgan Freeman at the Inauguration. I mean, I see the quasi-resemblance… kinda. If Morgan Freeman likes the Celtics, this is forgivable… otherwise, it’s not smart on ole Stephanopoulos’ part. -bp [via … Continue reading

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“The Only Reason the Sun Rises Each Day is Because Morgan Freeman Narrated That Sunrise in His Dreams The Night Before”

  This is just incredible. Morgan Freeman, Morgan Freeman — Morgan Freeman, Morgan Freeman. You must listen to that YouTube clip. Brilliant. “Morgan Freeman doesn’t have sex, when he smiles a baby simply appears in a field full of kittens.” … Continue reading

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