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Kawhi Leonard’s Middle School ID Card

Started from the bottom, now we here…  -bp [lobbed by Gavin]

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What Do You Really Care About Donald Sterling?

[editor’s note: This is an entry from a friend of mine, Dallas McLaughlin. In addition to writing, he does stand-up comedy, and other neat things. His take on Donald Sterling and the NBA is one that I hadn’t pondered, so I … Continue reading

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Who Will Be The Next Executive Director of the NBA Players Association?

Guess what, kids? I get to break some news! If you didn’t know, there’s a search underway to replace Billy Hunter as the head of the NBA Players Association. Well, I have a source, a real, actual source who knows … Continue reading

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Good Riddance, You Silly Little Troll

Couldn’t possibly be happier about this move. May your retirement be as insufferable as you are, Stern. -bp

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The Only Ad on a NBA Jersey That I’d Love…

That’s the only NBA ad I’d actually support…because it’s awesome. Milwaukee Big Buck Hunters! Seeing these solid Mad Magazine NBA ads from earlier clearly served as inspiration for that. Mine’s the best though. Take that, Mad Magazine. Love Buck Hunter. … Continue reading

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Mad Magazine Photoshopped Some Amazing NBA Jerseys

That’s really awesome. Awesome photoshop work, not awesome to have ads on NBA jerseys. That will really suck if that happens…well, unless they actually use those up top. #NoUniAds -bp

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The Coolest Interactive NBA Finals Website I’ve Seen…

I can’t recreate it here on LobShots, but head over to this NY Times link to check out a really cool shot analysis of the Heat and Thunder… and their individual players. Lebron’s numbers next to the rest… are staggering. … Continue reading

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There ya have it. That’s the evidence out there that the NBA Draft is rigged just because the NBA owned Hornets won the Anthony Davis sweepstakes. I think David Stern is a dirtbag just as much as the next guy, but … Continue reading

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Love the Blake Face

I had seen this photo floating around and thought it was hilarious, but I didn’t see the video until this morning. Absolutely love this.   -bp [lobbed by Body]

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