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You Too Can be a Creepy Baby Face Mets Fan

The photo of this creepy crying baby faced Mets fan at a Mets vs. Marlins game was blowing up the interweb yesterday. Some people thought it was someone’s real face… which is unfortunate that there are people that dumb in … Continue reading

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MLB Highlight of the Year: The Amazing & Elusive Astros Fan

You’ve hopefully already seen this, just throwing it up in case you missed it. This amazing Astros fan that is clearly drunk and skilled in the art of parkour. Love this dude. Get after it, son. Guess what, opening scene … Continue reading

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Roger McDowell: What a Prankster, huh?

Roger McDowell, our kook of the week. I guess Roger wasn’t really paying much attention to this Kobe Bryant ‘bundle of sticks’ situation, huh? By now you’ve heard about how Roger McDowell, the Atlanta Braves pitching coach, got into it with … Continue reading

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Tiki Barber is a NFL sized joke

“my buddy…my buddy…wherever I go, heeeee goes!” Hey Tiki, I heard you were coming out of retirement! I spoke to a few of my close friends, some dead, some alive… and guess what, they said it’s a great idea for … Continue reading

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Doc Gooden Rehab

Dwight Gooden, Darryl Strawberry and Mike Tyson, all in their early 20’s. Can you even fathom how badly these three would’ve wrecked shop out in Manhattan? I cannot, but I gotta believe every night out on the town would be … Continue reading

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