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Any Given Sunday…

This is nuts… Moving clockwise, every team has beaten the team in front of them. -bp [@nfl]

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Pre-Draft Chargers Scorecard: A Freaking Plus

Chargers just signed this guy.  And I love it.  He tore his ACL last year, missed the second half of the season, and then failed a physical with the Packers.  And I still love it. I love it because he … Continue reading

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Is the NFL Investigating Randy Moss?

Just prior to Super Bowl kickoff, we’ve been informed by sources, that the NFL is investigating Randy Moss for this dangerous combination of socks and Tevas*. With heightened scrutiny following Ray Lewis’ deer antler spray, the league can’t be too … Continue reading

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And Then There Was One… *update*… None

Coming in hot from all the NFL insider types on twitter, here are all head coaches that have reportedly been fired this morning. Andy Reid — Philadelphia Eagles Pat Shurmur — Cleveland Browns Chan Gailey — Buffalo Bills Romeo Crennel … Continue reading

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Visual Proof: NFL Players Need to STOP Wearing Contacts

Look at these stallions.  Bring back glasses! Imagine our old Chargers buddy Reche Caldwell rocking a pair of those thick lens… -bp [h/t Uni Watch]

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I Went Ahead and Fixed That Atari Bigby Screengrab…

Sure, we all saw this… but, be honest, your mind’s eye saw that. -bp [original screengrab via @cjzero]

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“University of Jah, Rastafari”

I didn’t think it was possible to get high just by looking at somebody. I stand corrected. “University of Jah, Rastafari.” Atari freaking Bigby. OPEN YOUR EYES, BIGBY!!! -bp

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NFL Quarterbacks Chatting on Facebook

Really, really good stuff. LOL’d me about 6 times. The first laugh came from our boy, Philip ‘Golly Jee’ Rivers. The thought of him saying to Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, “Damn, you two bitches just got Discount Double SLAMMED!” … Continue reading

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NFL is Going Pink… Like, Really Pink

I love supporting the cause, obviously… who wouldn’t? But it’s hard to not be a little overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of pink that the NFL is pumping out this year. So get ready to see a lottttttttttttt of pink … Continue reading

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