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The 2013 Pro Bowl Uniforms are _______ ?

I know, I know… just when you thought my MS Paint skills couldn’t get any better… The NFL is now Oregon. -bp [ht espn]

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Nike’s New Kaepernicking Shirt is Awful

So, he’s wearing white arms sleeves, Nike? Is that what’s going on here? Dumb. -bp [nike blog]

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Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen…

Nike has fired Lance Armstrong the same day he announced he’s stepping down as the chairman of the Livestrong Foundation. I hate what’s happened to Lance. I hate that he cheated. I wanted so bad for him to be pure … Continue reading

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Did These New Nike Vapor Jet Chargers Gloves Make a Pro Bowl Appearance?

These new Nike Vapor Jet gloves were released for the Pro Bowl this past weekend. Anybody see ’em there? The only dude I saw rocking them for his team was Jennings. If you want to find your team’s gloves, check … Continue reading

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Forget the Air Jordan Concords, Get Some Nike Air Paternos

Joe Paterno Nikes? I’d have worn those in 1994…guaranteed. 2012? Not so much. -bp [espn via uni watch]

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Kobe’s Christmas Day Shoes are Ugly as Sin

I give you the Nike Zoom Kobe VII. He’ll be wearing these suckers on Christmas Day. Just hideous. Bright green and purple? What a joke(r). Zing! Somebody remind Kobe his nickname is The Black Mamba… not The Black Puma, The … Continue reading

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Eric Weddle is a Boss

Eric Weddle got his league leading 7th pick against the Bills. He did it wearing black finger tape too. I wasn’t sure if this was just for looks or for some sort of stickification-inception help. So, I went to the … Continue reading

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Nice Nike Google Shoe, Bro

What happens when you mash together two gigantic companies… Nike and Google? A real ugly shoe happens. If you disagree… by all means, indulge. Only $300. I guess these have been around for awhile, but I’ve never seen them. Kinda … Continue reading

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What? Eric Weddle Never gets Heartburn?

Chargers safety Eric Weddle is suing Alka-Seltzer. There’s like a million jokes there, right? I will tell exactly zero of them. I will, however, point out that I’m interested to see where this lawsuit goes… Here’s the original picture that … Continue reading

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