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Get Me This Instagram Camera

How sick is this Instagram camera? Hipsters and techies alike would buy this camera so fast it’d make your head spin. Part digital camera, part Polaroid, part post-it note, part app? Get outta here. If you don’t know why this … Continue reading

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Paulina Gretzky Sent the World Another Twitter Gift

Well, look who decided to start tweeting again? Hello, Paulina. Hello, little dog Lola. We’ve documented Paulina’s tweeting adventures from the beginning. She tweeted, then she left, then she was back, then she wasn’t, then she was. And now? Just like that, dad leaves … Continue reading

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Paulina Gretzky – Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

I call this: “Paulina Gretzky’s First Sexy TwitPic Since The Great One, Her Father Wayne Gretzky, Kicked Her Off Twitter.” Lamest headline ever? How ’bout just: “Wow.” Lobsters seem to have quite an obsession with miss Paulina Gretzky. I’m just trying … Continue reading

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