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FAIL Online: UK’s “Daily Mail” Has Exclusive Paulina Gretzky Photos That Aren’t Paulina Gretzky

Great headline: “She tried to do demure! Wild child Paulina Gretzky tones down her look in a modest maxi but still manages to reveal her derrière” Oh, Daily Mail, or Mail Online, or whatever you’re called… that’s cute that you … Continue reading

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Aaron Rodgers is Having Dinner With Paulina Gretzky

Okay, okay… the title was a tad misleading… but man, the life of elite pro athletes. *checks twitter* Oh look, Dustin’s playing in the Pebble Beach with Wayne Gretzky, I think I’ll grab dinner with them… and Paulina. These guys … Continue reading

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Paulina Gretzky is Here in San Diego and She’s Signing Autographs

She’s herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre! I’d been asking twitter all week if Paulina Gretzky was going to be in town to watch Dustin Johnson play at the Farmer’s here at Torrey Pines… and yes, I was right. The guy who posted that photo wrote, … Continue reading

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It’s Official: Paulina Gretzky is Team Jacob

Of course Paulina Gretzky is Team Jacob. The latest instagram installment from our favorite hockey daughter. This is a huge blow for Team Edward. Huge blow. Couple this with the real-life news that Bella cheated on Edward. Worse yet… she … Continue reading

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Yes, Paulina Gretzky is Still Hot

There’s our girl Paulina. She posted more photos on instagram and twitter over the weekend. Turns out she’s still looking absolutely ridiculous. Shocking. She’s on the set of Adam Sandler’s next movie, Grown Ups 2. (That part actually is a … Continue reading

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Nothing to See Here, Just Paulina Gretzky Humping the Stanley Cup

Say what you want about Paulina… girl knows how to party. Meanwhile, the Great One became the first living man to actually roll over in his grave. -bp [via instagram here, here – oh, and don’t think I don’t see you Jeremy … Continue reading

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PHOTO: Paulina Gretzky When I Was in COLLEGE

Yeah, I was in college when the above picture was taken. Excuse me while I go bury my head in the dirtbag sand. I’m actually mad at God that I find Paulina Gretzky, now in 2012, attractive. It’s bothersome to … Continue reading

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Paulina Gretzky, Kate Upton, and My Moral Compass

That’s our buddy Paulina Gretzky. Just hanging out with the boys. Nothing too risque. Well, she took a ton of pics over the weekend from Vegas and posted them on Instagram. They’re ridiculous. I mean, they’re not that scandalous, but … Continue reading

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Photos of Paulina Gretzky Never Get Old…

It’s my own fault, but man, it’s getting kinda old… getting emails every day from lobsters that don’t use twitter… “what’s up with Paulina Gretzky? how come you haven’t posted lately?” Geez… come (Freudian slip) calm* the freak down, you … Continue reading

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Cover Girl: Paulina Gretzky

Here’s our favorite twitter follow, the lovely Miss Paulina Gretzky on the cover of Sauce Hockey. She gets hotter by the second. I trust this makes up for that horrible Katy Perry/Paula Deen post I just did. -bp

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