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Holiday Wonderland at Petco Park is Here!

It’s here! It’s tonight. I’m going. I genuinely can’t remember being this excited to take my family to a holiday event. I love Christmas. I love doing fun holiday events with the family. A snow hill, Santa Claus, Frozen characters, … Continue reading

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Paul McCartney is Coming to Petco Park… So is a New Twitter Handle

Interesting thing went down today in Padres land. They introduced a brand new @PetcoPark twitter handle and used it to announce and promote Paul McCartney coming to San Diego for a concert. I enjoy watching this stuff unfold. It started … Continue reading

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There’s a T-Rex at Petco Park… Pitching.

  T-Rex. First pitch. That is all. #Padres pic.twitter.com/pqOH93veC7 — Patrick Kurish (@PKurish) May 7, 2014 You don’t see that everyday. T-Rex in left field. pic.twitter.com/b73sLsPOUf — Jesse Agler (@jesseagler) May 7, 2014 Looks like he made the rounds with … Continue reading

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Amazing Aerial Shot of Petco Park

That’s incredible, thanks for the heads up, Matt. Forever a fan of photographer @DonaldMiralle. A spectacular aerial of #PetcoPark, via Sports Illustrated: http://t.co/b6yYd7mDEk — Matt Ginella (@MattGinellaGC) March 31, 2014 I wonder if Luke Yoder knew you’d be able to … Continue reading

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Padres Starting Lineups From 1978-2003 in 6 Seconds

That’s awesome. It’s cool because you can just click on Vines to stop them and look at who was in each lineup. Then another quick double-click. Repeat. You can see who made the All-Star team every year. You can watch … Continue reading

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Comic-Con is Here… Petco Park is Now Nerd Headquarters

If you want some good people watching… head downtown for the weekend. If you don’t like crowds… avoid it like the plague. The freaks are out, and I can’t wait to see all the pictures. -bp [photos from Tony]

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Did The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Guide the Padres to Their New One Game Win Streak?

It’s possible, no? -bp [original photo via @sacbuntmelvin from the padres win last night]

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Padres Fan Jumps Into The Bushes at Petco…

Serious question. What the hell was this guy thinking? Anybody? You clearly not getting that home run ball, so why not just take this opportunity to Superman it into the bushes? Not the soft kind of bushes, either. Makes no … Continue reading

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Keep an Eye Out for This Idiot at Petco Park Today…

Then, if you see him… smack that stupid smirk off his face. So, I’m wearing my Lobshots/Padres/Cripes! t-shirt and my 1982 Ray Kroc b-day hat to the game today… the same gear I rocked for the Fox Sports San Diego … Continue reading

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The San Diego Padres are Embracing Our Beach Community… Petco Park is a Giant Pile of Sand Right Now

That’s Petco Park… right now. The head Padres groundskeeper is a great follow on twitter, @Luke_Yoder. It’s not the first time I’ve written about awesome behind the scenes stuff at Petco Park. Luke’s been sharing photos of the sand pit … Continue reading

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