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Congrats, Peyton

Chargers lost, but at least Peyton Manning won’t break the touchdown record against them. That’s the only bright side to playing the Broncos on a short week after losing to the Chefs at home. -bp

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Broncos Writer* Taking Shots at Magic Mike… Not Cool

This Broncos writer sounds really butthurt and I agree with about 13% of what he said. Read the article here. I hope the Chargers beat the Broncos 1,000,000,000 – 3 tonight. After Peyton gets beat a billion to three, he … Continue reading

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Bald Philip Rivers is Handsome…

For some reason, Mandatory.com decided to make a bunch of NFL quarterbacks bald. It’s funny, so here I am… posting it. If you think bald Philip Rivers is frightening… give Jay Cutler a look. If you thought Jay Cutler was … Continue reading

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Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning Gets the Mortal Combat Treatment…

Reader email – Hey Mr Phelps, I’ve been visiting your website for a while now and I love it. I wanted to finally lob something up. I stayed up late on Mspaint doing these. Hopefully you or others may find this … Continue reading

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Peyton Manning is Playing Out of His Mind…

Here’s the video of the best bootleg I’ve ever seen. Here’s the craziest thing about it. Peyton Manning didn’t tell anyone, even his linemen, he was running the naked bootleg. Decided to do it just before the snap. — Lindsay … Continue reading

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Helluva Game by Elway Last Night…

Incredible that he was able to do that on the same night as Peyton Manning… Also, you’re screwed good luck in the AFC West this year, Chargers! -bp [ht @bustedcoverage]

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Peyton Manning Pranked Eric Decker and It Was Awesome…

Click to enlarge. This is really great. Manning had Duke write up an invoice for Eric Decker after he came to their facilities for a voluntary workout. Pretty good. The letter on the right is what Manning gave to Mort to … Continue reading

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The Story Behind the Photo of Ray & Peyton…

I’m sure a lot of you saw this photo floating around twitter this weekend. It’s cool to hear the story behind it in MMQB. Oh, and I’m already sick to my stomach at how many Ray Lewis interviews/dances/speeches that I’m … Continue reading

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No, no he isn’t. So Jamaal Charles asked for Peyton Manning’s autograph after the Chiefs v. Broncos game. So what. This tweet pretty much sums up the reaction of a lot of people. I laughed really hard when I read … Continue reading

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Try Not to Let Your Mind Explode on This Stat:

Andrew Luck vs. Peyton Manning – their passing yards total so far this season is exactly the same. Also, their teams are both 5-3. Pretty crazy… means nothing though. Good talk, Russ. -bp

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