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Oh, Phil. Yep, that’s the first tweet from the official verified Phil Jackson twitter account. Power tweet. Almost 19K RTs? I love it… Oh, his avatar? It’s the cover of his new book, Eleven Rings. What a boss. -bp

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Get a Load of These Lakers Head Coach Doppelgangers

Obviously, Mr. Pringles as D’Antoni and Mr. Potato Head as Mike Brown are perfect doppelgangers. Phil Jackson as Colonel Sanders is just stupid and not even close. -bp [via]

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Mike D’Antoni to Lakers Prophesy Partially Fulfilled

Posted that tweet 4 days ago. Prophesy has been partially fulfilled. D’Antoni is the new coach of the Lakers. No trophies just yet. Apparently, Phil was ready to take the job, but in the end… asked too much. Be prepared … Continue reading

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Lakers Bow Out Gracefully

Mavericks sweep the Lakers. There’s a headline that everybody predicted. I’m so mad at the Lakers right now, I can’t even express my frustration in words. I wish there were buttons on my keyboard that just screamed and yelled and … Continue reading

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Dwyane Wade is Better than Lebron James

Nothing went right for the Lakers last night. Kobe wasn’t getting the calls he wanted…Bynum couldn’t buy a rebound in the first half, Mike Miller and Mike Bibby decided to actually start hitting 3’s, and a day after complaining about … Continue reading

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