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What Lovely Hands You Have…

Awesome photoshop job on those hands…when the website found out about their error… “Non-mutant.” Love it. Read the full story here if you care… I wouldn’t bother though because I just showed you the only thing funny about it. -bp

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The Great White Mike Vick Photoshop Compilation

Ah, yes, the white Mike Vick article. If you haven’t read it, you should. Very thought provoking, and I’m glad that TourĂ© wrote it for ESPN The Magazine. However, the image that ESPN used was just awful judgment. They knew … Continue reading

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No!!!!! The Hurricane Irene Shark in the Streets of Puerto Rico is FAKE!!!

Damn you internet! Damn you spidey senses! I should’ve known that stupid picture was a photoshopped fake. I mean, what the hell is a car doing driving in that deep of water? I said it in my post about this … Continue reading

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Katy Perry Photoshop Job

We’re a new blog, so you might expect only sports here, because that’s our passion. Welp, cue the “stick to sports, A-Hole” comments. The above picture, it isn’t new news, I know this is an old story for the blogging … Continue reading

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