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Rays vs. Red Sox Twitter Spat

I love when teams try to get cute on twitter… a friendly little jab here and there. I think it’s fun for the fans. Teams just need to know that when they go down that road… be prepared to get … Continue reading

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Carly Rae Jepsen First Pitch…

Call me, never. Love this reaction though. New dance move for sure. To the mouth, fling the arms back, then flail ’em in the air. Coming soon to a club near you… the Carly Rae. -bp [lobbed by cameron, via … Continue reading

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James Loney is Leading all of Baseball in Batting Average

Dude is leading MLB with a .379 batting average mid way through May… unreal. Yahoo! Sports had him pre-season ranked at no. 481. Whoops. Even today, only 45% of fantasy owners in Yahoo! leagues have picked him up. No respect … Continue reading

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That’s Some Victory Bath…

Royals beat the Rays. Then, Gatorade (water?) defied the laws of gravity and my eyeballs. -bp [h/t Jimmy]

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The Best and (Un)Luckiest Selfie Ever Taken?

That’s the photo that everyone and their mother is posting about. I saw it this weekend, and yes… it’s incredible. Yes, Kelly Nash is a cute girl. I find it interesting that nobody would be posting this pic if she … Continue reading

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Rays Rookie Hazing…

You know I love me a good rookie hazing. Joe Maddon posted that pic. Love that man. Here’s of video of these Jane Fonda-ettes rocking to Call Me Maybe… that’s David Price filming them in the outfield at Fenway. So … Continue reading

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The Handshake Train!

David Price. A man of the people. I love this handshake train. -bp [via @corkgaines]

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I Want a Gladiator Helmet

That’s Luke Scott and Carlos Peña of the Tampa Bay Rays. Love it. When Joe Madden was asked about his players rocking the Maximus masks, he said, “We were just trying to protect ourselves from further injury. And if anybody … Continue reading

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How Do You NOT Love Joe Maddon?

Those are the whitest, most amazing old man legs I’ve ever seen. The Tampa Bay Times reports, “When Rays manager Joe Maddon didn’t follow the rest of the team in wearing shorts for Saturday’s pre-game workout, veteran RHP James Shields took … Continue reading

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Orioles Win the 2011 World Series!!

Right? They must’ve won the World Series. Look at this celebration. Look at these jokers… just crazy celebrating. Dogpiles mid field for their season finale. That’s the end of a 69-93 folks. If you can’t celebrate going to the playoffs, … Continue reading

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