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Red Sox Cowboy Boots? RED SOX COWBOY BOOTS!

Those boots belong to Brandon Snyder of the Red Sox. Those suckers are friggin’ awesome. I’d rock some Padres cowboys boots. Somebody buy me some. Size 11.5 or 12. Thanks. -bp

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30 for 30: The Deal

  [if the video doesn’t embed, go here] I love 30 for 30 shorts. I especially love when Nick Barnicle¬†and Colin Barnicle make them. These are the guys that made the Honus Wagner 30 for 30 that I am obsessed … Continue reading

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This Sports Illustrated Cover is a Great Tribute…

Alongside Papi, the newest SI cover pays tribute to three of the first responders at the Boston Marathon bombing. Very cool. -bp [via @SportsJoey]

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I Gotta See About a Girl…

Game 6 at Fenway tonight! There’s Pudge in Game 6, 1975. Hope it goes to Game 7. Anyway, speaking of Game 6’s at Fenway. If you’ve read my¬†Top Ten Movies of All Time list, you know that Good Will Hunting … Continue reading

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How Does A Celebrity Athlete Go To The World Series Without Being Noticed?

That’s how. Well played, Rondo. -bp

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What’s that you’re reaching for, Lester? A little glove goo for that slider? Or nothing? Probably nothing. Lester pitched a helluva game to put the Sox up 1-0 on the Cards. I’m guessing this is nothing, but what the hell … Continue reading

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The 2013 World Series is Here…

Red Sox vs. Cardinals… kinda feels like you have to choose between the lesser of two evils here. You do have to choose… because what’s the fun in the World Series if you’re not cheering for somebody? If you’re wondering … Continue reading

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Jake Peavy Deserves a Trophy For Serving Up This Grapefruit to Todd Helton

I love this so much. Say what you want about stats and the integrity of the game and whatever. Screw all that. This is integrity. Total selfless act. What Peavy did for Helton here is class on class on class. … Continue reading

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Rays vs. Red Sox Twitter Spat

I love when teams try to get cute on twitter… a friendly little jab here and there. I think it’s fun for the fans. Teams just need to know that when they go down that road… be prepared to get … Continue reading

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The Best and (Un)Luckiest Selfie Ever Taken?

That’s the photo that everyone and their mother is posting about. I saw it this weekend, and yes… it’s incredible. Yes, Kelly Nash is a cute girl. I find it interesting that nobody would be posting this pic if she … Continue reading

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