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These Fires… So Terrible…

Heartbreaker. This old man trying to save him home in San Marcos. (via @rickloomis, @DavanMaharaj) pic.twitter.com/vjarHb9EDQ — Brady Phelps (@LobShots) May 15, 2014

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San Diego is Still Blazing Hot Today…

  DANGEROUS Heat will develop in #SanDiego County today. Take care! Today’s Highs: #NBC7 pic.twitter.com/AdvsAoeRWv — Jodi Kodesh (@NBCJodi) May 15, 2014 Praying these winds die down a ton… this heat is terrible. Be safe today, lobsters. -bp

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San Diego is On Fire

Is that a fire tornado!? I’m terrified. Prayers going out to all affected here in San Diego by these fires. Tons of houses burned down. Acres of land charred. Be safe and smart out there, guys. Video from Fox 5. … Continue reading

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Sweet Baby Gorilla

Editor’s note: Hey guys, this article is by Rick from RJ’s Fro. He and I just spent some time together on Bloggers Take Over with Fox Sports San Diego. He usually writes about the Padres, but the cuteness of the baby gorilla … Continue reading

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San Diego Winter Storm 2014

That’s funny…. and no, I’m not disrespecting real tragedies that deserve real prayers… I’m simply mocking San Diegans and our ability to handle weather that’s not perfect. -bp [ht Mark and Gavin/Sonya & Dorian]

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Panorama of Downtown San Diego, 1914

Well that’s awesome. From VOSD – This amazing panoramic view of downtown San Diego in 1914. Click on the photo to enlarge it, and you’ll see Coronado and Point Loma, Horton Plaza and the U.S. Grant Hotel (second panel), a big building-side ad for … Continue reading

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There’s a Double Rainbow Over Chargers Park Right Now…

WHAT DOES IT MEAN? I’ll tell you what it means. It means God is a Chargers fan. Plain and simple. Would’ve been really easy for the Bolts to show up to practice this morning thinking… “Seven touchdown passes? We have … Continue reading

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Surfer Washed Up in PB With Shark Bite Wounds…

Ok, this story is tripping me out. Who in the world takes their wetsuit off while out in the water? Then ties it to their surfboard? Shark bite wound appear to be post-death by drowning? Something is fishy. Prayers to … Continue reading

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Anchorman Inspiration: The Actual 1977 San Diego 10News Team

“The News People are in touch with more people in San Diego than any other news in town.” – “The News People” – haha. Nailed it. -bp [via @xtra1360ben, @10NewsGriffith]

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Watch Out San Diego, Tiger Woods is Here & on the Prowl

I have no clue if he’s actually “on the prowl” but there he is hitting balls at Torrey Pines at sunrise this morning, Jan. 22nd, 2013. Here’s another shot of him on 15th hole, South Course, also from this morning. … Continue reading

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