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The “Chubby Bandit” Nickname is an Insult to Everyone

Look at that dude. Apparently he’s just been robbing banks all over San Diego. Does that dude looks “chubby” to you? Not at all. He’s just normal. I mean, sure his shirt’s too big. So what. He’s not skinny, no…but … Continue reading

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Gasoline in San Diego Seems Pretty Reasonable…

Nice of them to keep it under six bucks. -bp [via annie]

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Antonio Garay Coming in Hot with a Junior Seau Hair Tribute

Tough for a guy who is known for this… to actually one-up himself. Not gonna lie, Junior Seau’s face kinda scares me here, but I do appreciate Garay’s effort on the tribute. Nice win for the Bolts… more thoughts on … Continue reading

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I don’t usually do caption contests, but I’m excited to see in the comments section what you lobsters come up with — I’ll change the headline to the winning caption. -bp [photo lobbed by Potter and Colin]

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Look at San Diego Groupon Piggybacking Lobshots

Literally within minutes of me posting how Lob Country just made it cool to ride segways… oh, look who’s re-offering an old deal? Lobsters make the world go ’round. -bp

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Today’s Groupon Girl Needs to Back Up Off Of Me

Not even kidding, stop looking at me like that. Put some clothes on, you sexy little minx. Despite your attempt at seduction, I will not buy your silly little reflexology massage. -bp

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A San Diego Woman Was Shot and Killed… With a Cannonball

EAST COUNTY — Sheriff’s homicide detectives are investigating the death of a 33-year-old woman who was killed when a cannon fired by her husband sent a cannonball into her Potrero home early Tuesday. Authorities were called to the home in … Continue reading

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The Padres Did Something Smart!!

PEORIA, Ariz. (AP) — Outfielder Cameron Maybin and the San Diego Padres have agreed to a five-year $25 million contract. The 24-year-old Maybin was acquired in November 2010 from the Marlins for two relief pitchers. He was selected the team’s … Continue reading

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Dude Tries to Rob a San Diego Gas Station With a Light Bulb

“Give me all your money!” “No.“ “How ’bout now?” “No.” SAN DIEGO — A man armed with a light bulb tried and failed to rob a Hillcrest gas station Monday night. The thief walked into the Shell station on Washington … Continue reading

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Drunk in PB at 2AM? Cops in the Rear View Mirror? Ditch the Car, Disappear in the Ocean!

SAN DIEGO — Authorities searched for hours early Tuesday for a man suspected of drunken driving who ran away from police and jumped into the ocean in Pacific Beach. Officers pulled over the driver about 2:15 a.m. near Mission Boulevard … Continue reading

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