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Dude Nabs 800 Pound Mako Shark Shore Fishing in Florida

PNJ – A Milton man and land-based shark fisherman said he believes he and his cousin may have reeled in their latest world record catch Tuesday night. Earnie Polk, 43, said he and Joey Polk hooked an 11-foot, 805-pound shortfin … Continue reading

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Great White Sharks are Everywhere in Manhattan Beach

YouTube – Within 30 minutes we shot at least 3 different Great Whites all within 100yrds or each other. Only 50 yrds from shore! Pretty nuts I liked surfing better when everybody wasn’t carrying a GoPro. Back in the days where … Continue reading

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I Prefer to NOT Know What’s Underneath Me When I Surf…

Eff this. Scurrrrs me to death. Had the heebie jeebies the entire time I watched this. 99% sure this dude had no clue that shark was even there. I bet that’s the way he prefers it too. -bp [lobbed by cohner]

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19 Year Old Sharks Rookie Scores Four Times… Makes Insane Trick Shot

Not often you’ll find me posting on hockey, but holy crap, who is this freaking kid? Tomas Hertl. Just toying with the goalie… ON HIS FOURTH GOAL. Video here if it didn’t work for you above. Unbelievable stuff. Ballsy shot. … Continue reading

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If there’s a single person on the planet that didn’t know this photo was fake/staged the second they looked at it… well, they’re just not that smart. Read the full story here about this nut job that crawled into a … Continue reading

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Sharks are Falling From the Sky… OUR PETS’ HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!

Yahoo – At the San Juan Hills Golf Club in southern California, course hazards include sand traps and falling sharks. Or they did on Monday (Oct. 22) afternoon, when a 2-foot-long, live leopard shark apparently plummeted from the sky and … Continue reading

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Insane Photos of Whale Sharks

Click to enlarge. I know what you’re thinking… that’s one of those perspective shots. That’s an average sized shark that’s super close and the boat is far away so it makes the shark look way bigger than it really is. … Continue reading

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Giant Marlin Ripped to Shreds by Tiger Sharks

This is freaking crazy. How this dude didn’t just drop the rod and run like a little girl is beyond me. Tiger sharks are no joke. More importantly… I could listen to Aussies talk all day long. So pissed I … Continue reading

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Sharks Ripping a Whale to Shreds on the Shoreline

Sharks attack whale from Rachel Campbell on Vimeo. Mother nature, doing work. Dead whale washes up to shore… and the sharks come out to play. Unreal. I wish there was some aerial footage. How ’bout the song in the background? I … Continue reading

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Great White Bites Surfer in the Neck, and the Dude Lives…

Mercury News – Doctors treating a Monterey man who was attacked by a shark Saturday morning say he is in good condition, and was very lucky to survive. Eric Tarantino, 27, was surfing at Marina State Beach when he was … Continue reading

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