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Idiocy Defined

Strong take. Idiot. -bp [ht to the amazing @CharissaT]

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Best show on TV by a mile. -bp [grab via deadspin]

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Quote of the Year From Philip Rivers Inspires Two Clueless National Media Tweets

First things first… it’s clear to me that Philip Rivers reads Lobshots and saw how pissed I got at ESPN for this Monday Night Football ad that features Andrew Luck and only Andrew Luck. Here’s a video of the shot … Continue reading

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“First Take” is Out of Control… Must Be Stopped

Nobody loves Tebow more than me.. nobody. But this? This is asinine. You should be ashamed of yourself, ESPN. Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless are an embarrassment to sports coverage… -bp [via]

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I Want to Hug the Skip Bayless T-Shirt Guy

He’s just so damn huggable. I expect the guys over at Look At Me Shirts to use this shirt as inspiration for something bigger and better. Oh, if you’re uncertain about my feelings for Skip… read on, reader. -bp [h/t … Continue reading

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Mark Cuban Verbally Bitch-Slapping Skip Bayless

I, like most of you, loathe Skip Bayless. I hesitate to even post this because I hate giving that clown any more press that he already receives. Watching Mark Cuban rip him a new a.hole though? I’m posting that all … Continue reading

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One Douchebag Flips Off Another Douchebag

First time I’ve ever agreed with anything Stephen A. Smith has done… -bp [via]

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Does This Merit a ManCrush?

I’m sure you’ve seen this by now. I don’t particularly love Terrell Suggs…. but after this… mancrush worthy? The man just said to one of my mortal enemies, “Don’t be a douchebag…” on live TV. So, I think so. -bp [lobbed … Continue reading

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Skip Bayless vs. Magic Johnson

Hi, I’m Skip Bayless. I’m dumb. I’m awful at my job. I’m more annoying than a zit on the inside of your nose. Little known fact: I’m actually a ventriloquist, I speak out of my ass, but make it look … Continue reading

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