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Philip Rivers is on the Cover of Sports Illustrated

It’s a regional cover so the jinx does not apply. Super Bowl or bust. It’s not the first time that Rivers has graced the cover of Sports Illustrated. Remember, Bolo Knows. -bp

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This Sports Illustrated Cover is a Great Tribute…

Alongside Papi, the newest SI cover pays tribute to three of the first responders at the Boston Marathon bombing. Very cool. -bp [via @SportsJoey]

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The Boston Marathon Sports Illustrated Cover is Intense…

Powerful image right there… -bp [via @BryanAGraham]

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Is Sports Illustrated Starting a New Website Called “Swim Daily”?

Is Sports Illustrated starting a new site called “Swim Daily“? I think they are. Blind luck* led to me a little wordpress blog that looks like the beginnings of something very, very wonderful. Here are a few screengrabs of this … Continue reading

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I Love That Adrian Peterson Made the Cover of SI

Adrian freaking Peterson. Just an absolute monster on the field. If I’m Ryan Mathews, all I do in the off-season is study film of every single one of Adrian’s carries. Ripped up knee ligaments? Fuhgettaboutit. Watch your back, Eric Dickerson… … Continue reading

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Sports Illustrated Olympic Preview Cover

There they are. Five lovely Olympians…five stars… no idea who they are, and yet… there they are on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Good for them. Tell ya what, after reading that ESPN article about the sexual behaviors of athletes … Continue reading

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SI’s Coachman and Coachwoman of the Year!

They must have changed the name, right? Stupid. -bp

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A History of San Diego Chargers on the Cover of Sports Illustrated

I recently went on a rant about Sports Illustrated, the magazine. I think it’s ridiculous that the San Diego Chargers were not featured on the cover of one of the six Sports Illustrated 2011 NFL Preview issues. Got me to … Continue reading

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These 2011 NFL Preview Sports Illustrated Covers are a Joke

This is the Sports Illustrated that I received in the mail this week, you know, here in San Diego. I thought nothing of it… Clay Matthews is insanely popular, and he plays for the reigning Super Bowl champs. No biggie. … Continue reading

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Who’s Shocked by Charlie Sheen doing Steroids for ‘Major League’?

ESPN — Turns out Wild Thing’s fastball had a little extra juice. Actor Charlie Sheen tells Sports Illustrated in its latest issue that he took steroids “for like six or eight weeks” while filming the 1989 movie “Major League.” He … Continue reading

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