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Kawhi Leonard’s Middle School ID Card

Started from the bottom, now we here…  -bp [lobbed by Gavin]

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KAWHI !!!!!!!!!!!!!

So amazing what Kahwi’s doing on the biggest stage. I love that every promo before the series had the Spurs “big three” in all the advertisements… Manu, Tony, Timmay. Now? Every promo has Kawhi. All Kawhi, all the time. Just … Continue reading

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Tim Duncan Just Put Rogaine Out of Business…

Manu’s bald spot… *poof* gone. Tim Duncan’s magic knows no bounds!!! -bp (Got ‘Em Coach killin’ it with that GIF.)

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There are Spurs Pizzas, Then There Is This SPURS PIZZA

The Ninja Turtles would’ve loved this… -bp [h/t B/R]

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Is Tiago Splitter Okay? Emotionally?

Tiago Splitter. Poor kid never had a chance. Ferocious work by Lebron here. Man’s man. I could watch these GIFs all day long… -bp [pics/gifs via gettty and the tv and all over the internet]

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Spurs Win Game 1, So Dickie V. Tweeted Eva Longoria…

Dickie V! You can’t say that! Haha. Old people and twitter. Like oil and water. -bp

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SDSU is Taking Over Texas: Malcolm Thomas Reunited With Kawhi Leonard

SAN ANTONIO — The San Antonio Spurs waived former lottery pick Ike Diogu and signed forward Malcolm Thomas from the NBA’s D-League on Wednesday. The Spurs switched out the two big men while coach Gregg Popovich continues to try to … Continue reading

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