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The Storm Friar T-Shirts are Finally Here

Decided to finally make these bad-boys available for purchase. I wore this t-shirt on the second installment of Bloggers Take Over and the response was great. So I sat on that great response for a year. Strike while the iron is … Continue reading

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May the Fourth Be With Your Baseball Cards

I’ve never heard of Star Wars Day until everybody on twitter started dropping “May the Fourth be with you” bombs. Anyway, I figured I’d get in on the fun a little bit, because I do love Star Wars, and I … Continue reading

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It’s here…. and it’s incredible. Cannot wait. “Chewy… we’re home.” -bp

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These Star Wars NFL Helmets are Amazing…

So, some cat named John Raya made Star Wars themed helmet logos for the entire NFL. Very, very cool and fun. As usual with these logo recreations that the internet does, the Chargers got the shaft on this one. The San Diego … Continue reading

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If You’re In College, and You Have Money, You Must Buy This Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Fridge…

I mean, as an adult with a family, this fridge isn’t gonna cut it… but if I was in college, or maybe just out of college and single… this Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Refrigerator would be a must. Again, assuming you … Continue reading

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Iron Artoo

Comics. Movies. Creativity. Nerds will stop at nothing to combine their nerd-loves. I am one of them, and so are you, so let’s all love Iron R2-D2. -bp [via drew]

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An Ewok Won “Best in Show” at Westminster This Year

The official score card will tell you that Banana Joe, the Affenpinscher, is your 2013 Westminster Kennel Club “Best In Show” champ. Affenpinscher schmenpinscher.. that’s a friggin’ ewok. Allow me to illustrate… See? -bp

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Man, People Really Love Star Wars…

Didn’t really think an Ewok for lunch was blog-worthy, but when I tweeted it out an hour ago, a bunch of folks retweeted it, so what the hell do I know? So there it is… an Ewok, made out of … Continue reading

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Comic-Con Girls – Hot, Hot, Hot – Mostly

I love Comic-Con. I’ve never been…I’m hoping to go tomorrow, and yet, I already love it. I love the photos that surface. Like most dudes, I specifically enjoy the ones of people in costumes. Star Wars seems to be the … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes Awesomeness

That’s a behind the scenes photo from The Empire Strikes Back and how they filmed the opening crawl. I’m gonna need a few minutes to process how awesome this photo is… I geek out so hard for this kinda crap. … Continue reading

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