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I Love the Millenium Falcon High School

See it? Pretty freaking cool. Here’s a nice little side-by-side for the slow lobsters. While everybody else is listening to high school officials say they didn’t consciously plan the campus that way, I went out and found a picture of … Continue reading

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I Love Photoshop

Just makes me smile, that’s all… Yeah, yeah I’m a huge dork. Whatever. So are you. Wait, this is photoshopped, right? -bp [via]

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This Boba Fett Bountygate Saints T-Shirt is Legit

I friggin’ HATE putting “-gate” at the end of any type of stupid scandal… but hey, if the media is gonna run with something, people are gonna try to capitalize on it. “Bountygate” it is. This Boba Fett helmet with … Continue reading

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Star Wars Dogs are Taking over Halloween

So, this Chewbacca dog has been floating around the web, and it’s the greatest, most spot-on ‘costume’ I’ve ever seen. So amazing. Just perfect. Got me to thinking… are there a bunch of other Star Wars dogs out there? I … Continue reading

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The Padres Bullpen, Yoda, and The Force

There aren’t many things the Padres have going for them these days… their bullpen, however, is one thing they definitely have going for them. Star Wars is another. I freaking love these guys. Led by Heath Bell, who is amazingly … Continue reading

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dork heaven…

lego dork meets chess dork meets star wars dork. it’s a ménage à trois made in dork heaven. love it. -bp [via stumbleupon]

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The Dark Lord Meets The Dark Lord

This was too awesome not to post. Via Chitwood & Hobbes and NFL Off-Season. Dear Al Davis, We hope you never die… Love, the AFC West. -bp

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